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Project Deliverables

Here you can find here all PREMA project deliverables written by PREMA consortium throughout the project period.

To participate in online discussion about our research outcomes, please visit our Online Discussion page

Deliverable Name Author(s) Download
Mathematics Education and Gender - a position paper

George-Louis Baron,
Daniele Hourbette

Report on Legislation and Regulation regarding Mathematics and Gender in Secondary Education Sara Silvestre,
Mario Barajas

Preliminary Analysis of Empirical Research Results

  • Evidence from all 6 countries

  • Austria

  • Greece

  • France

  • Poland

  • Spain

  • UK

Good Practice Guidelines: Gender and Mathematics

Excellent practice example (Italy)

  • Excellent Practice Information (EN)

  • I numeri dell’Infanzia (IT)

  • Bambine/i: riflessioni dopo un incontro in chat 3D (IT)